Semrush Black Friday 2024

No Black Friday Sale is live yet!!

Black Friday is the best time to buy a subscription to Semrush since it can offer upto 30% discount that’ll allow you to save upto $900 on your purchase of its subscription.


Save Big on Special Offer


In 2023, this outstanding SEO and digital marketing tool offered a 30% discount on Semrush annual subscription plans Pro and Guru. Additionally, it also provided ContentShake AI free for three months. 

Since Semrush Black Friday 2024 deals are inactive, you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial and 17% off on annual subscriptions. 

In this article, you’ll learn about Semrush Black Friday, Cyber Monday, ways to claim the Black Friday discount, additional Semrush deals, and its pricing. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the article and get ready for the Semrush Black Friday 2024.   

Semrush Black Friday: Key Details (2024)

  • Semrush Black Friday deals are not active but are expected to go live in November 2024.
  • Semrush on Black Friday provided up to 30% off on annual Pro and Guru plans, saving up to $899.80 annually (almost $900).
  • Last year, Semrush offered three months of ContentShake AI free with a 3-month Pro Plan subscription, saving $180.
  • Semrush is offering a limited-time 14-day free trial for new users on Pro and Guru plans.
  • Annual billing allows you to get 17% off on all Semrush plans.

What Does Semrush Black Friday Offer?

Semrush, a top-tier digital marketing and SEO tool, offers various discounts during Black Friday. Last year, on Black Friday 2023, Semrush offered a 30% discount on its Pro and Guru annual subscriptions. 

PlanOriginal PriceDiscountDiscounted PriceSavings
Pro Plan$129.95 per month 30%$90.96 per month $467.80 per year 
Guru Plan$249.95 per month 30%$174.96 per month $899.80 per year 
Pro Plan$129.95 per month 3 Month Free ContentShake AI$0 per month $60 per month 

These Black Friday discount offers allow users to leverage Semrush’s features at a reduced price.

Semrush Black Friday Offers

For Black Friday 2023, Semrush presented three main deals:

1. 30% off on the Annual Pro Plan: Users can save $467.80. This plan is ideal for small business owners, entry-level in-house marketers, freelancers, and small marketing teams.

2. 30% off on the Annual Guru Plan: Users can save $899.80, making it the best offer with enormous savings and extensive subscription benefits. This plan is perfect for small to mid-sized business owners, in-house marketing teams, content marketers, and owners of small to mid-sized agencies.

3. 3 months of ContentShake AI for FREE: Users who purchase 3 months of the Semrush Pro Plan get three months of ContentShake AI for free, saving $180. This deal suits small business owners seeking to reduce content creation costs, in-house marketing teams, and agencies aiming to scale their content production.

Is the Semrush Black Friday deal Active?

Currently, the Semrush Black Friday 2024 deals are not live. They are anticipated to go live in November 2024.

When Can We Expect Semrush Black Friday In 2024?

The Semrush Black Friday sale is expected to be active in November 2024. While the exact date hasn’t been announced, it usually aligns with the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, which is on the fourth Thursday of November.

In 2023, the Semrush Black Friday sale started on November 15 and ended on December 1. Since this year’s Black Friday is scheduled for November 29, we should be ready for the Semrush Black Friday from November 20, 2024.  

Semrush Black Friday 2024: Offer Expectations 

The Semrush Black Friday for 2024 is expected to offer 30% to 40% discounts on its annual plans. 

Although the specific details for the 2024 deals have not been disclosed, based on previous years, we can expect massive discounts on the Pro and Guru plans. 

These deals typically offer substantial savings, making it a perfect time to subscribe or upgrade your plan. Semrush offered a flat 40% discount on all subscriptions and got 500 extra keywords to track with their plan during the 2022 Black Friday sale. 

Although not explicitly, Semrush offered some freebies, such as ContentShake AI, with certain plans. 

Therefore, by examining the history of the Black Friday discounts offered on Semrush in 2022 and 2023, we can hope that similar deals will be offered this year. 

Does Semrush Also Offer Cyber Monday Deals?

Semrush often extends its Black Friday deals through Cyber Monday, providing additional time for users to benefit from the discounts. 

Last year, when Semrush offered a Cyber Monday deal, it was the same as Black Friday discounts. 

The Semrush Cyber Monday deal included:

  • 30% off on annual Pro and Guru plans.
  • ContentShake AI with Semrush Pro is free for three months. With this, save $180. 

To take advantage of this offer, sign up for Semrush Pro or Guru plans during Cyber Monday, which in 2023 ran from November 15 to December 1.  

Step-By-Step Guide To Claim Semrush Black Friday 

You can effortlessly claim the Semrush Black Friday deals. It does not take much time. Follow the instructions to redeem the deal.

Step 1: You can find the Semrush Black Friday deals on its homepage. You’ll also get to explore all the deals on this page.  

Claim Semrush Black Friday Offer

Step 2: Select the Semrush Black Friday deal of your choice. It could be 30% off Pro and Guru plans or a three-month free ContentShake AI feature.  

Get Pro And Guru Offers

Step 3: After the selection, you’ll be directed to the Semrush sign-up page. You can sign up using your Google account or by adding your email and password. After entering the necessary information, click “Create Account.”  

Create An Account on SEMrush

Step 4: Semrush will send you a code on your email. Add the code in the verification box and click “Confirm email.

Confirm Your Email On Semrush

Step 5: You’ll then be guided to the billing page. Enter your card number, name, and state, and click on “Subscribe.” 

Claim 30% Discount On Guru

You have successfully applied the Semrush Black Friday coupon code, and you now have a fully functional discounted Semrush account.  

Other Semrush Discounts

Since Semrush Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are inactive, you can use the active Semrush discounts. 

Semrush is currently offering two discounts that might interest you. They are a Semrush free trial and offer 17% off on Semrush’s annual subscription. Let’s examine them in detail.  

1. Save 17% With Annual Subscription 

Semrush is offering a 17% off deal for customers who opt for an annual subscription. By committing to a yearly plan, you can enjoy a 17% discount on all the Semrush plans, including Pro, Guru, and Business. 

PlanOriginal PriceDiscount Discounted PriceSavings
Pro Plan$129.95 per month 17%$108.33 per month $21.57 per month 
Guru Plan$249.95 per month 17%$208.33 per month $41.62 per month 
Business Plan$499.95 per month 17%$416.66 per month $83.29 per month 

However, this 17% discount on all Semrush plans expires on June 30, 2024, so you better hurry to take advantage of this exclusive deal.

2. Semrush Free Trial 

While Semrush has discontinued its 30-day free trial for the GURU and PRO plans, It is offering a special opportunity. If you are a new user, you can now enjoy a 14-day free trial of both the GURU and PRO plans.

Click On Start Your Free Trial

This trial provides access to SEO, content marketing, competitor research, and PPC tools. It’s the perfect chance to explore everything Semrush offers and see how it can enhance your digital marketing efforts.

This is a limited-time offer designed specifically for new users who want Semrush’s powerful tools without any initial cost. 

Does Semrush offer a Free Plan?

Semrush offers a free plan that allows users to experience many of its tools and features without any cost. With a free Semrush account, you can perform a variety of tasks:

  • You can run ten keyword searches per day using the Keyword Magic Tool.
  • Analyze up to 10 domains per day using the Domain Overview tool.
  • Track up to 10 keywords using the Position Tracking tool.
  • Crawl up to 100 URLs with the Site Audit tool.
  • Audit your local listings in over 70 authoritative directories and track them in over 25 countries.
  • Use the SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant. 
  • Get ideas to improve your on-page SEO, targeting SERP features and identifying technical fixes.

These features are also the restrictions of the free plan. This is because you can access only limited tools.

Standard Semrush Pricing Without Discounts

Semrush offers three plans with options for monthly or yearly payments. Opting for annual billing provides additional savings. Here’s a summary of the standard pricing:

Plan Monthly PriceFree TrialCustomizationHistorical Data
Pro Plan  $129.95✔️ ❌ ❌ 
Guru Plan$249.95✔️ ❌ ✔️ 
Business Plan$499.95 ❌ ✔️ ✔️  

As I have explained, an annual subscription gets you a 17% discount on all Semrush plans. 

Semrush Pricing Plans

Source: Semrush

I’ve broken down all the Semrush pricing plans to help you find the best fit for your needs. 

1. Pro Plan: Perfect for Small Teams

The Pro Plan costs $108.33/month when billed annually. This plan is tailored for small in-house marketing teams. It includes:

  • Tracking up to 500 keywords per month
  • Domain, keyword, and backlink analysis
  • Generating up to 10,000 results per report
  • Managing up to five projects

2. Guru Plan: Ideal for Consultants and SMBs

The Guru Plan is available for $208.33/month with annual billing. It is designed for marketing consultants and small to mid-size businesses. Features include:

  • Tracking up to 1,500 keywords per month
  • Access to historical data
  • Use of the content marketing platform
  • Managing up to 15 projects
  • Contains all features of the Pro Plan

3. Business Plan: Best for Large Enterprises

The Business Plan is $414.66/month when billed annually. It is perfect for large enterprises and agencies. It offers:

  • Tracking up to 5,000 keywords per month
  • Access to share of voice metrics and API
  • Product listing ads management
  • Unlimited project targets
  • Managing up to 40 projects
  • Includes all features of the Guru Plan

Now that we have understood the Semrush pricing, let’s move towards the Semrush refund policy. 

Semrush Refund Policy 

Semrush has a 7-day refund policy, which means you can request a refund within seven days of your purchase or subscription. 

Customers need to contact Semrush’s customer support team through email or other available channels to initiate a refund. 

The team will process the refund request within 30 days of receiving it. The refund will be processed using the same method as the original payment. 

The refund amount will be the full amount paid by the customer minus any applicable taxes and fees. 

Is Semrush Worth It?

One-word answer – Absolutely. Semrush is highly regarded as one of the premier digital marketing and SEO tools, not just on paper but in practical usage, too. It offers many features, including keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, site audits, competitive intelligence, and more. 

The cherry on top is it’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that present an excellent opportunity to access these powerful tools at a discounted rate. 

If the offer requires a long wait after reading this guide, let me assure you that it is worth waiting for Semrush Black Friday. 

Conclusion: Semrush Offers 30% Off On Its Plans On Black Friday!

During Black Friday, Semrush offers huge $30 discounts on its annual plans, making it an ideal time for businesses and individuals to upgrade their digital marketing strategies. 

With numerous deals available, including discounts on its Pro and Guru plans and a free trial period, Semrush Black Friday offers users the opportunity to experience the full range of its features and tools at a reduced cost.  

Even though Semrush is currently offering 17% off on its annual subscription plans, this discount is about 40% of what Semrush offers on Black Friday. 

So wait for the Semrush Black Friday sale, and grab it as soon as it goes live. 


How much is the Black Friday discount for Semrush in 2024?

The Semrush Black Friday discount for 2024 offers up to 40% off on annual plans.

Is Semrush Black Friday worth it?

The Semrush Black Friday deal is worth it. It provides significant savings of up to 40% on annual subscriptions, making it an excellent opportunity to access premium features at a reduced cost.

Which is the best Semrush discount?

The best Semrush discount is typically during the Black Friday sale, which offers up to 40% off on annual plans.

Does Semrush offer a free trial?

Semrush offers first-time users a 14-day free trial for the Pro and Guru plans.

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